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 12th Nógrád Grand Prix 2018 – 7th Youth Meeting



Salgótarjáni Dornyay SE, Balassagyarmati Balassi Bálint KSE
and the Orienteering Federation of Nógrád County
welcome you to the Nógrád Grand Prix 2018!


 General information

Patron of the competition   Medvácz Lajos, mayor of Balassagyarmat
                                              Markó Antal, mayor of Szügy
Organizing commitee
Kovács Gábor
Goldmann Róbert
                                               Course setter
Kovács Boldizsár
Kovalcsik István
     -E1 long
Kovács Gábor
Peregi Dávid
     -E2 middle
Goldmann Róbert
Peregi Dávid
     -3x3 relay
Kovács Péter
Czímer Z. József
     -E3 chasing start
Kovács Zoltán
Czímer Z. József
Fehérváriné Dénes Judit
Berecz Gábor,Kovács Balázs, Goldmann Róbert
Bessenyei István
Stork Joachim Gábor
Control setting
Erdélyi Gyula
Programme,  „0” start times, venues
Balassagyarmat-Nyírjes üdülőtelep
night event
E1 – long distance event
1st stage of the NGP and the Youth Meeting
E2 - middle distance event
2nd stage of the NGP and 2nd stage of the Youth Meeting
3x3 relay event
3rd stage of the Youth Meeting
(M/W40- and M/W50-)
E3 – shortened long distance event with chasing start, 3rd stage of the NGP
Overwiev on Google map:
Event Centre (EC), registration
Locations and timetables can be seen in the section “Details on the etaps”. Registration on location is only available until the printed maps and vacant starting places are filled in, each day in the EC.
entry fee
from 20.04
2300 HUF
E1, E2, E3
MW10-14, Open
1 day
1900 HUF
3 days
5200 HUF
MW16-18, MW60-
1 day
2200 HUF
3 days
6100 HUF
1 day
2700 HUF
3 days
7600 HUF
3x3 relay
5000 HUF
Each day near the Event Centre, read section Details on the etaps for exact locations.During parking please follow the instructions of the organizers. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicles during the night and town event, because there will be not only orienteering competitors in the Event Center’s area. You can leave your car keys at the kindergarten where it will be guarded.
Detailed description can be found in each etap.
Made in 201718, 4+1 colored digitally printed to Pretex water-resistant paper. Read section Details on the etaps for details such as scale, contours, size, etc. Prior versions of maps can be seen in the finish area in a form of exhibition.
Control descriptions
Printed on the maps. Extra control description can be picked up at the start area (except the 3x3 relay). For the extra control description we provide you equipment to put it up (scissors and duct tape), however, for the sake of environment friendliness, we ask you to please use you own control decription case, if possible.
M - Men, W - Women. Open categories: Open A – Open advanced; Open B – Open beginner; Open D – Open with stripes.
    Categories 10D, 12D and Open D are marked with stripes, but the stripes are not following the logical route of the course. The brave can choose the shorter route without the stripes.
    No accompanist allowed in 10D and 12D. In category 10DK the course is marked with stripes and competitors are allowed to have an accompanying member.
    Stipes of 10D, 12D, 10DK and Open-D are colored orange. Along the stripes there will be controls, which are not part of the course.
    Category contraction:
M20E > M21E
M21C > M21Br
            W20E > W21E
            W35A > W21E
If the contraction doesn't fit to one's needs, it can be modified free during registration.
Categories of 3x3 relay can be seen in the detailed description of the event.
Start bib
Start bib must be worn. To reduce environment pollution we only give safety-pins to prior request. Please, bring your own safety-pins if possible.
SPORTident electronic punching system will be used. The SI units working in traditional mode (you must also punch with the Air+ cards).
Control points will be equipped with SI-box, punch, orange-white or red-white flag. On night event controls will reflect light.
All competitors arriving to the finish will get a refresher. On the longer courses of E1 there will be a refreshment opportunity during the race. See section „Details on the etaps” for further info.
Maps handing
Maps have to be handed in on E1, E2 and E3, also the 3x3 Relay. Maps of E1, E2 and 3x3 relay will be handed out after the 3x3 relay, maps of E3 will be handed out the last start. 
Results can be observed in several ways. Beamers at the finish areas will show results. On the other hand, you can check you results online, by connecting to the Wi-Fi with you smartphone, tablet or laptop. No mobile internet connection is needed to check the results.
Technical details: SSID: result (open system, no password needed)
     You have to type into your browser the following: . You can find the simplified version of the events website and get to the results by one click. You select the category and set the interval if refresh (30 seconds, 1 minutes, 2 minutes or 5 minutes) Organizers are happy to help you in case you have questions.
     Results printed will be in limited amount. Result of the day and totalized results will be hanged at the finish area the next morning. Results will be uploaded to the events website at the end of each day. 
Children’s race, kindergarten, left-luggage point
Children’ s race (free of charge) E1, E2, E3 near the EC. During the competitions kindergarten is provided by the organizers at the EC.
You can leave you luggage at the kindergarten where it will be guarded. Your car keys can also be left there in safe position.    
Victory ceremony:
Night: Saturday 14.00  
3x3 relay: Saturday 17.30
Overall: Monday 14.00
On the night event there will be medal prizing.
The first 3 of each relay teamswill be given a prize.
After the three individual races E1+E2+E3 each category’s first three places will receive medals and prizes.
The winner of the 7th Youth Meeting team score race will receive a money prize of 50000 HUF.
Selective waste collection
According to the Hungarian Orienteering Federation’s regulation, there will be a selective waste collector in the middle of each finish area. Please place your waste into these containers, because there will be no other ways to collect waste.


 Details on the etaps


Night event, Balassagyarmat-Nyírjes, Friday 27th April 2018

Event Centre
Ridens school, Balassagyarmat, Nyírjespuszta 5. 
48°03'20.2"N 19°16'23.7"E or 48.0556, 19.27325
Limited parking space is available in the premise of school Ridens, when these spaces are filled, you can park on the street side in Balassagyarmat-Nyírjes. Please do not block the entrances of local residences.
Registration from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m int he EC.
First start 21:00
Varied terrain, moderate hilly with varied runnability. Some parts are recreation area, week-end houses, lakes, etc.  
Fieldwork 2018:                     Kovács Gábor, Kovács Zoltán
Scale, contours, size:            1:10 000 / 2,5m / A4: MW 16, 18, 21
                                             1: 7500 / 2,5m / A4:   other categories
EC-start 50m no stripes, signed with boards.

E1, E2 and 3x3 relay, Szügy, Saturday 28th April and Sunday 29th April 2018

Event Centre
1,5 kms south from Szügy.
48°01'17.8"N 19°20'14.8"E or 48.0216, 19.33743
Heading south after Szügy on the asphalt road between Balassagyarmat and Aszód you need to turn off the main road. The exact place where you should leave the asphalt road is signed. Be careful by leaving the asphalt road, please follow the instructions of the organizers. Be careful also by crossing the railway.
Near the finish area, during parking please follow the instructions of the organizers.
     In case of extremely bad weather conditions you can park on the side of the asphalt road between Szügy and Mohora.
Registration on Saturdayfrom 10 a.m. to 12 a.m., on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m in the EC.For the 3x3 relay also on Sunday from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m.
The area of the events is separated into three distinguishable parts. All 3 courses (E1, E2, 3x3) will go through these parts in a different way, depending on the category.
  1. Plains with sand dunes, pines with different running ability and age. Wattle forest with swamps and runnable fresh stubble fields
  2. Partly rich in contour details. Mountain area with steep hill sides, sometimes with interesting shapes of rocks and stone fields. In a lot of places clean beech forests with century year-old beeches and hornbeam trees. In other parts it’s wattle and oaken forests, with parkland-like running ability. Partly rich in contour details.
      Between the parts of 1 and 2 there is a 27 acre lake.
  1. Wild, old orchard and vineyard hill with steep slopes, semi-open areas and bushes.
The nearby of finish area is event area as well. Entrance is prohibited into the parts separated with cordon. Due to the warm weather, mosquitoes are overpopulated in the area. Bring repellent. 

E1 long distance, Szügy, Saturday 28th April 2018

First start 12:00
The longest courses (marked with number 3 in the course info) go through all 3 parts of the terrain. The courses marked with 2 in course info touch 1st and 2nd parts. Shortest courses only reach the plain-like areas of the 1st part of the terrain (marked with 1).
Fieldwork 2017-18:                Vancsik Nándor, Kovács Gábor
Scale, contours, size:             (Marked with the proper letter in the course info)    
1:15000 / 5m / A4:      b         
1:10000 / 5m / A3:      a         
1:10000 / 5m / A4:      c         
1:10000 / 2,5m / A5:   d
1:7500 / 5m / A3:        e
1:7500 / 2,5m / A4:     f
EC-start 1200m / 00m, blue-white stripes.
Between controls, marked with a cup on the map in the following categories:
M18E, M21E, M35A, M40A, M45A, W21E
Short courses (1st part of the terrain, plain-like, marked with 1 in the info) can be accomplished in smooth tread shoes. On other courses it is recommended to wear cleated or track-shoes.
            On the longer courses the logical way goes through a narrow iron bridge at the lake’s flood-gate, which is marked on the map with the purple sign of crossing place. Please pay attention to your fellow running mates when crossing the bridge, which is 5 metres long and one person can cross it at one time comfortably.
            Some courses go near the railway. It is prohibited to reach and run on the railways.

E2 middle distance, Szügy, Sunday 29th April 2017 morning

First start 10:00
Courses lead through the previously described number 2 part of the terrain (mountain area).
Fieldwork 2017-2018:            Vancsik Nándor
Scale, contours, size:             (Marked with the proper letter in the course info)    
1:10000 / 5m / A4:      g         
1:10000 / 5m / A5:      h         
1:7500 / 5m / A4:        i
The finish area of this day the will be different from the EC.
EC – start: 2500m/10m, EC-Finish area: 1800m/60m, blue and white stripes. The stripes leading to the start go through the transitory finish.
Refreshments are in the finish, reading out SI is in the EC until 14:30.
Maps should be handed in int he transitory finish.
Because of steep slopes wearing cleated or track-shoes is advised.

3x3 relay, Szügy, Sunday 29th April 2017 afternoon

First start 15:00
Courses lead through the previously described number 1 part of the terrain.
Some courses go near the railway. It is prohibited to reach and run on the railways.

Fieldwork 2018:                     Kovács Gábor
Scale, contours, size:            1:4000 / 2,5m (longer parts)
                                              1:2000 / 2,5m (shorter parts) are together on an A5 sheet
Process of the relay
Registration by name and strict order of the runners with SI numbers should be given as soon as possible by filling a registration form which can be downloaded from the website and must be sent to Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.. The deadline of this printed form is 20:00 Saturay, 28th April. You can have an empty registration form during the registration on Sunday.
     Those who send their registrations after the deadline will have to pay 1000 HUF/team as an administration fee. Registrations can only be modified in special cases (e.g. injury, etc.). A high amount of late registrations and registrations on the spot can cause unwanted possibilities of error.
     As in case of all big relay events, 3x3 Relay starting order will be set according to last year’s results. It means that last year’s best will be given the 1st number, in case of the short course the 101st, and the others in an ascending order. By this method, the best teams will be in the first line during mass start.          
Clubs with several teams are also going to be given the numbers in this order. So it is advised to give the 1st number to the best team. The numbers of teams within clubs should be registered online and on the register paper. There is an opportunity to give fantasy names to you team.
     All members of each relay will run 3 times. The running order is bounded, which means the first runner runs 1st ,4th and 7th time, the second runner runs 2nd, 5th and 8th time, and the third runner runs 3rd, 6th and 9th time     
     Every runner runs a different course each time, which means all runners runs all of the three courses, however not sure they will run it on the same order! Results will be count as one after running all three courses. So competitors will run 3 courses but it will count only as one.

The start number bibs of the competitors will be colored on three colors. The 1-4-7 runners' are blue, the 2-5-7 runners' are yellow and the 3-6-9 runners are magenta.
    To reduce environment pollution, safety pins to the numbers will be given only to request, if it is possible, every competitors bring own safety pins to the race.
     First runners will be given the map on the hand at the mass start. All the other runners have to pick up their map from a stand on the open-air stage on their own! On the stand, maps are organized on ascendant order from left to right, maps of a team are under each other on an erect column. On the top, the second runner's and beneath that, the third's and so on to the 9th. All the maps contain the number of the team and the number of the runner (for example: 23.8, which mean relay 23, runner 8).
     Every time the top map must be picked. To make competition easier, the color of the map will be the same as the color of the start number bib of the current runner.
     The state of the competition can be observed clearly during the race, by the amount of the maps on the stand. Which team has the less maps, they are likely the best.
After the stand competitors have to run some meters to the actual start marked on the map which is marked with a control flag.
     Controls of different courses are placed closely to each other in some cases. But take good care of checking the code of the controls.
The first and longer part of the courses will be in forested and semi-open areas. This part will be on the map’s left side with the scale of 1:4000/1m. After this part competitors will reach the spectator control where they have to run the second and shorter part of the course. You have to check every time you pass through spectator control.
    The shorter part will be on the map’s right side with the scale of 1:2000/1m. Controls will be placed really close to each other. Take good care of checking the code of the controls.
     The shorter part of each course will go near the finish area. This part of the map will be designed specifically to this event, built with artificial objects (cordons, tents, etc.). This part, which can be observed from the finish area, will be on the right side of the map on a larger scale, wich is 1:2000. The „fences” on this map will be made with cordon stipes and marked with thick black line on the map. The cordons must not be jumped or climber over, neither it is allowed to slip under or reach through it. If you do not follow this rules, you will be disqualified from the race. Artificially built tents will be marked with the sign of the buildings on the map.
At the end of each course, runners will reach the last control then, they need to run about 60 meters on a marked route to the finish. Changeover can be done by touching hands. After the changeover, the arrived competitor must punch in the finish as well, then the SI  card must be out read in the finish tent.
ATTENTION! Please be careful to clear your SI card only after the outreading, if you do not, all results of you and your teammates will be disqualified!
After outreading, the map must be put in a bag, which is marked with the start number of the team. After this, runners will be given refreshment.
When stepping in to the change at the start of the next course, you have to clear you SI. Pay attention to clear you SI, because if you do not do so, there will not be enough space for the next course.

E3 middle / shortened long, chasing start, Balassagyarmat-Downtown, Monday 30th April

Event centre
Balassagyarmat, Civitas Fortissima Square 6. (city central square), Old County Hall.
48°04'36.5"N 19°17'25.9"E or 48.0768, 19.29052
The finish will be built in front of the old County Hall. Event centre will be places in the yard of the County Hall.
Toilets are in the County Hall signed with boards.
The central square of the city will be closed to vehicle traffic during the event.
Near the Event Center there are two smaller parking areas. Those who arrive first can park on these spots following the intructions of parking instructors.
48°04'32.5"N 19°17'15.3"E illetve 48.0757, 19.28758
            48°04'34.3"N 19°17'16.0"E illetve 48.07618, 19.28779
Please make sure to use parking places in a place saving method. We advise those who sleep in the city centre to leave their cars near their accommodation and reach the event centre on foot.
     Parking-EC 250m/0m.
After official parking places are filled, parking will be available on the side of the street. We recommend to use Rákóczi fejedelem Street, Kóvári Street, Nádor, Széchenyi, Régimalom, Deák Ferenc, Szent Imre Streets and also the parking lot of the separated part of Penny Market. Please leave the front part of the lot open for consumers.
Registration from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the EC.
First start 10:00
The city centre of Balassagyarmat is a typical town area with parks, yards and suburban areas of open or semi-open territories, bushes, sport fields and fences.
            Palóc park is part of the area, which is a city park established nearly 110-120 years ago, with huge old trees. Yards of public institutions (mainly schools) give exciting orienteering tasks. Parts of the old town with inner courts and narrow streets. Shorter courses go through this city area (marked with V in the course info).
            Longer courses (marked with B) reach city side parts as well. There are flood-plain parklands, labyrinth-like bushes and also the new sport centre of the city is under counstrucion in here. Closed sport fields and other restricted areas can also give a good opportunity to choose the best route.
Fieldwork 2018:                     Kovács Péter, Kovács Zoltán
Scale, contours, size:            1:4000 / 1m / A4 and A3:       MW 10-21, Open categories
                                              1:3000 / 1m / A4 and A3:       master categories
EC-start 300m / 5m, Blue and white stripes. Stripes leading to the start go through a narrow alley, which is also the logical route of some courses. Please make sure to give way to the runners, when going to the start.
            Start will be on the outdoors stage of the city (Palóc Stage). Near the stage cantin and toilets are available. The terrace part of the cantin („Terasz”) is a perfect place for competitors before and after their course to take an eye on their fellow club members or their rivals. This area will be functioning as a supporter zone, please use it accordingly.
Starting at E3
After the totalized results of E1+E2 the E3 will be held with chasing start (Except in categories DK and Open). Starting times of the E3 day will be published in the evening of the E2 day online. Starting times can also be seen in the E3 day finish area. Please make sure you observe and write your starting time to your starting bib to the right spot.
‘Clear’ and ‘Check’ can be found outside the start cordon.
Competitors have to go inside the start cordon 6 minutes before their start. Those who start at second “00” will be starting in a separate corridor, and those who start between second 01-59 will be starting in another separate corridor. You have to ‘Check’ again after going inside the cordon. You do not pick up your map at you starting time. Maps will be taken up after following a short striped route. Please make sure you pick up the map of you category!
    Categories 10DK and Opens are started in a separate corridor and there is no specific starting time. The time of your start will be given by the start control as in case of days 1-2.
    Those who are late from their start more than 3 minutes can only start with an organizers help.
 First start times at the chasing start
first start
first start
At the town event it is prohibited to wear cleated or tracking shoes (due to the hard surface, it is not reasonable either). We recommend shoes with ribbed tread.
Some parts of the courses there is going to be vehicle traffic. Please follow the rules of the road during the race. Areas with heavier traffic will be overwatched by the city watch.
Courses go through the forest areas of the city side (maked with B) are sometimes bushy and filled with nettle. On these courses we recommend to wear full forest-wear instead of shorts and undeshirts.
Those who are on the areas of the competition, but not on their course, should stick to the rules of sportmanship. Please do not help or disturb other members of the event.


We wish you a successful and enjoyable time!
The organizers